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These jars and pendants are a great way to keep the energies of the crystals with you! Each is a blend of crystals infused with reiki energies to support you in the way you need it most. Hang the pendant close to you or place the jar where you will see it every day, and repeat the included affirmation for additional support.


Note: pendant designs/shape vary per piece.


Available in: 

  • Unakite: celebrates new beginnings; balances the emotional body; great for those working on big projects, or working to maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Sunstone: great for a firey burst of inspiration; brings an extra spark to life; stone of creativity and joy
  • Red Jasper: extremely supportive and grounding; connected to root chakra; increases confidence and courage; helps balance energies
  • Rose quartz: all about self-love and love for others; good for emotional healing
  • Quartz points: clears negative energy; amplifies energies of other crystals
  • Bloodstone: powerful healing stone; increase creativity and intution; grounding and protecting
  • Black Tourmaline: protects from negative energies; extremely grounding and protective; great for anxiety or worry
  • Howlite: helps with restlessness and an overactive mind; great for big bursts of emotion and calming
  • Opalite: supports communication, especially on a spiritual level
  • Fluorite: brings mental clarity; helps reveal truth; supports quick thinking
  • Smoky Quartz: protects and dispels negative energies; releaves stress and anxiety; cleanses and purifies
  • Amethyst: amplifies intuition; supports good dreams; stress reliever; eases headaches
  • Citrine: positive energy; like sunshine in crystal form; great for attracting abundance and manifesting goals
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: crystal of love and joy; helps us stay grounded and appreciative of the present moment


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Crystal Pendants and Jars (price varies)

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