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Quick sessions


Currently, all quick sessions will be held as distance sessions via Zoom.

Why do I need to be mindful?

Mindfulness sessions are short sessions that will comprise of breathing exercises and a meditation practice based on your needs. Being mindful and taking time to focus on the present is helpful for grounding, stress and anxiety, and getting us into the practice of appreciating what is happening each moment of our day.

What is an oracle card?

Oracle cards are a great way for self-reflection, typically using affirmations, phrases, or words to spark inspiration. You can utilize a quick one-card pull, or do a larger spread to give you insight into an area you're stuck on or just want some guidance. Oracle cards can be used in a similar fashion as tarot cards, but they have different functions and uses. Tarot decks can look different from one another, but typically follow the same structure of 78 cards.

How do I register?

Visit the "Book Upcoming Sessions" page to schedule your session today!

What should I expect?

Relaxation and rejuvenation! For an overview of what a session looks like and what to prepare beforehand, visit the My Approach page.

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